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Izumi Suzuki's Terminal Boredom

Join Diamond Bay Radio for a celebration of the Japanese science fiction author, Izumi Suzuki. In this episode, we interview Daniel Joseph, translator, about the first anthology of Suzuki’s science


Rogue Magazine on Diamond Bay Radio

Ted White on Rogue MagazineLISTEN TO THE PODCAST [on diamond bay radio] Special guest, Ted White, joins Diamond Bay Radio to tell the story of his early career as a jazz writer, when he was hanging a


Preserving Worlds on Diamond Bay Radio

What happens when massive multiplayer online gaming environments pass their prime? When the thousands of players have left them behind and their avatars vanish like lifeless will-o-the-wisps into th


Seb Doubinsky on Diamond Bay Radio

Join us for a podcast on Seb Doubinsky’s novel in the City-States cycle: The Invisible (August 2020, Meerkat Press). go to the PODCAST In Seb Doubinsky’s speculative fiction, the world is separated i


Japanese Rocketry on Diamond Bay Radio

Join us for a new podcast on Japanese Rocketry. go to the PODCAST This is an interview with Subo Wijeyeratne, who recently completed his PhD in the History of Science (at Harvard). We spend 40min tal


On Situationism Diamond Bay Radio Podcast

On Situationism A conversation between Lex Berman and Derek Murphy.Recorded in Cambridge, MA on 28th March, 2019. In this podcast, Lex and Derek talk about how they found out about Situationism and wh