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Zapf Punkt Autumn Equinox 2022

Zapf.Punkt number fifteen, the cult of necrozones goes underground… in Paris. Zapf.punkt 15 (Autumn Equinox)Download from Diamond Bay Press What is a Queen? What is a crown, or a throne, or a mandat


Zapf Punkt Summer Solstice 2022

Zapf.Punkt number fourteen, what cult? Zapf.punkt 14 (Summer Solstice)Download from Diamond Bay Press Who are these stagecoach vultures gnawing on the Constitution with blood-red beaks? What fucked


Ted White Interview

The amazing thing about Ted White is his fantastic memory. In a multi-hour interview, sponsored by the heroic team at Fanac, the editor, author, music-critic, and guru of science fiction fandom was i