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Scientist Rebellion

The scientists are pissed. And it’s about goddamn time! Rachel Carson was on this shit back in 1962, with her book, Silent Spring. That was about pesticides, not climate change, but it should have


Zapf Punkt Spring Equinox 2022

Zapf.Punkt lucky number thirteen, je ne c’est quoi. Zapf.punkt 13 (Spring Equinox)Download from Diamond Bay Press What about French SF? This issue scratches right past the main singers on that recor


peace is better Spring 2022 Playlist

peace is better 🎵 Playlist > Spring 2022 Macroblank - 君を知ってると思ってた I thought I knew you (2021) Muito Kaballa Power Ensemble - Mamari (2021) Dead Elvis - I Spy, Death in Vegas (1997) The F