Microburst Storm Damage

Only 45 minutes after the strange microburst storm hit East Arlington, we were walking home along the devastated Minuteman Bike Trail.   The first major sign of damage was a mighty tree next to the soccer field toppled across the path.    Another odd sight:  the small shed that stood at the Southwest edge of the new dog park had somehow been shot through the air and smashed into pieces on the East side, against the embankment of Fresh Pond parkway.

A huge round-up of photos can be seen on Arlington Patch.   Although I uploaded my own photos there from this morning, (taken as I trekked through the toppled branches of the bike trail), I found that the maximum viewing size was only 600×450 pixels.   So I’m posting two of the better shots here, which you can click on to see a larger version 1600×1200 pixels.   Doesn’t do justice to the full resolution images from the new Sony W630 (4300×3240), but you get the idea.