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Zapf Punkt Summer Solstice 2022

Zapf.Punkt number fourteen, what cult? Zapf.punkt 14 (Summer Solstice)Download from Diamond Bay Press Who are these stagecoach vultures gnawing on the Constitution with blood-red beaks? What fucked


Zapf Punkt Winter Solstice 2020

Join us for the lucky eigth issue of Zapf.Punkt. Download your free copy from Diamond Bay Press: Zapf.punkt 8 (Winter Solstice)Download from Diamond Bay Press Face facts, the Republican Party is a fl


The Republican Party as Flying Saucer Cult

Watching the Republicans flail around in psychotic convulsions at the CPAC finally seemed to have convinced some Americans of what I have observed for most of my life, namely that the GOP is the party of the criminally insane.  The recent bile-spewings of Rush Limbaugh and Alan Keyes, are nothing new.  It is rather sick to watch, though, as if we are viewing the inside workings of a really lunatic fringe cult, played out live on national t.v. There are more than a few sociological parallels to the cult that figures in the book I just finished, _Imaginary Friends_ (1967), by Alison Lurie.