Zapf.Punkt Autumn Equinox 2019

Happy Autumn Equinox of 2019! It’s time for another issue of Zapf.Punkt available for free DOWNLOAD from Diamond Bay Press

Zapf.punkt 3 (Autumn Equinox 2019)

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As Greta Thunberg sailed in to New York Harbor, our president was trying not to hand over his taxes and was overturning clean air emissions standards.

For the harvest moon, we turn to lycanthropy, not so much as an image of violence, for which there is plenty to be seen all around us. No, we interpret the wolf man as a lost soul on an epic journey through the mysterious landscape of their own sub-conscious minds. The treacherous journey must reach the high lake under a full moon, where the night blooming flower is found. Only then does the beast within find inner peace.

Table of Contents

  • When the Wolf Bane Blooms

  • asfaltics by John McVey

  • Measured Words Diamond Bay Radio interview [with Arielle Saiber and Lex Berman]

  • Another Blood Moon, Another Howling

  • LOC from Harry O. Morris