Zapf Punkt Spring Equinox 2020

It’s a global pandemic, time for the fifth issue of Zapf.Punkt. Download your free copy from Diamond Bay Press:

Zapf.punkt 5 (Spring Equinox 2020)

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There are just so many ways for the world to go haywire, aren’t there?

The pandemic zone is slowly engulfing rue Serpolet and nobody knows what happened to the portrait painter, Ashlyme. Nor does it matter what you do, quarantined in your studio space. Like Faust in his laboratory, you may set all the beakers boiling upon the alcohol lamps, and you may stack up all the alchemical tomes into mountains on your shelves, but it is too little too late.

How about a cup of tea and a diversion?

  • Million Volt Lottery Ticket editorial by Lex Berman
  • Cinemois by Jean Pierre Melville (translated from French article in Cinema 63 no. 75)
  • Post-Capitalism in Brooklyn and on Your Television by Derek Murphy
  • Boskone 2020 Con Report by Lex Berman