After speaking to a sea of 75,000 people in Portland, Oregon, it seems as if the wind is lifting Obama’s wings. But it’s a long road to November, and he may turn out to be the same old cog in the machine, forcing us to back the Bigfoot-Nessie ticket.

In any case, we hope that the monster-swine who are currently looting the U.S. Treasury for their phony global black-ops don’t get all autistic and 9-11 repeat on us. Of course they will try.

Thus we turn to this image floating around the web, which reminds us that the hell-bats are ALWAYS going to fly at dusk, the lizard-goons will ALWAYS gather in Las Vegas… So we have to get a firm grip on the vial of psilocibin, steer a course out onto the open road towards freedom, and see how fast this baby can move!