Fires of Fomalhaut

Yes, Virginia, we have visuals of extra-solar planets! Of course, this is nothing new to astronomers… Since Gallileo first spotted the moons of Jupiter we knew they were out there, spinning in their orbits several light years across the black pond. But all the same, there is a moment to savor when the dust clouds of Fomalhaut revealed the visual track of her three planets! Somewhat bigger than a breadbox, and yet smaller than 10 Jupiters, the planets take their lazy time circling Fomalhaut in orbits of 100 to 185 years. So, distant partners in space time, what sort of mischeivous life-forms are you hatching? Hordes of jolly little Fomalhautians? Well, join the club, and be seeing you as soon as I can get this dang-blasted space-drive to start again.