CUSFuSsing Fanzine Archive

Yes, in the late 1970s there were some *very* weird science fiction fans at Columbia University. Some read stacks of comics and novels every day, then meticulously reviewed them for the Columbia University Science Fiction Society Fanzine, affectionately known as CUSFuSsing. Others could be found deep in the necromancy sections of Magickal Childe or Sam Weiser bookstores, or else whistling into various telephone handsets, or else hanging top secret infra-red satellite photo prints of Manhattan on random walls, or else swinging wildly on tenement house fire escapes while high on various kinds of herbal remedies, or else inventing and playing mind-numbing marathon sessions of cosmic board-games, or else careening in public buses while madly scribbling con reports, or else building better worlds in outer space, or else nibbling inoffensive slices of apple pie under the hideous gaze of other-worldly water pitchers… It all happened!

And for some reason, known only to the deeply mystical person we called “fearless leader,” many of these escapades were recorded - alongside the most innocent looking trivia pages and LoCs - in the annals of CUSFuSsing. Now, returned from its slumber at the bottom of the black lagoon, and thanks to the mad skillz of a faceless trio in New York City, the archive has risen to strike again! The digital archive of CUSFuSsing walks among us - beware!

fearless leader