Your Brain Is On the Menu

Yes, it is that time again… no, not Presidential Election Day! World Zombie Day, when hordes of shambling, bloody-mouthed fiends stagger through the streets to find you and eat your brain. What is it about the living dead motif? Perhaps when our lives are being decimated by sinister madmen in the White House and on Wall Street, the zombie captures the zeitgeist, and has crowned itself as the mascot of our times. Zombies have long since conquered pop culture, infiltrated sfnal space, and are battering the gates of academe. There is no stopping them. So when you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, as the saying goes, since they will be suddenly manifesting on October 26th in a town near you!

Adelaide [Australia], Ann Arbor [Michigan], Asheville [North Carolina], Atlanta [Georgia], Blackpool [England (UK)], Burlington [Vermont], Christchurch [New Zealand], Copenhagen [Denmark], Dallas [Texas], Ferndale (Detroit) [Michigan], Fairbanks [Alaska], Flint [Michigan], Fort Myers [Florida], Fort Wayne [Indiana], Hong Kong], Hudson [New York], Indianapolis [Indiana], Jacksonville [Florida], Kansas City [Missouri], Las Vegas [Nevada], Lawrence [Kansas], London [Ontario [Canada], London [England (UK)], Los Angeles [California], Louisville [Kentucky], Lyon [France], Mobile [Alabama], Nashville [Tennessee], New York [NY], Omaha [Nebraska], Orlando [Florida], Paris [France], Philadelphia [Pennsylvania], Pittsburgh [Pennsylvania (Monroeville Mall)], Portland [Oregon], Roanoke [Virginia], Roaring River [North Carolina], San Diego [California], San Francisco [California], San Jose [Costa Rica], Santa Rosa [California], Seattle [Washington], Shreveport [Louisiana], Sioux Falls [South Dakota], Sydney [Australia], Tampa [Florida], Tucson [Arizona], Worcester [England (UK)]