Bookmarks at Arisia

freebies from far away

Arisia 2020 was upbeat, considering the difficulties they had during the year. And the fan-driven aspect of Arisia seemed to be more tangible this year, with many freebies and flyers of interest

For example, in the image above, obscured by the others on top is a flyer for Gordon Linzer’s book The Spy Who Drank Blood. Crossroad Press. In the middle is a postcard for Silk Threads, Three Tales of Passionate Japan Circlet Press. At the bottom is a bookmark for Zapf.Punkt with a QR-CODE link to the zine PDF.


The author Terri Bruce left some very well-written chapbooks out this year, including a New England “bikers at the diner” story with a twist. The postcard for Bruce’s new novel, Hereafter Mictlan Press was sophisticated too.

The Socialism Is Good pamphlet presented a eponymous website, a non-existent podcast, and the message “What is to be done?” in four pages of 10 x 12 cm.

The psychedelic saxophonist is from Punk Rock Alien Spacegirl Adventures that asks: if aliens landed in the 1950s Boston music scene, what would have been going on with punk rock in the 1980s? My answer being: didn’t we actually do that?

event flyers

Event flyers included Japanese Disco Night at the Red Room near Hynes Convention Center, that “welcomed Boston Anime Cosplayers.” Is that what all those sirens were blaring down Copley last night?

Meanwhile, on the legitimate stage, the Post Meridian Radio Players presented the gender-swapped Star Trek play “By Any Other Name.”

The Binge Watchers Guide to Harry Potter Films certainly sounds like an event in the making! Cecilia Tan’s experience will be published in 2020 Riverdale Ave Books.

book launches

Book launch postcards for E. C. Ambrose and James L. Calais caught my eye Baen.

Also intriguing was the bookmark for Apparition Lit a speculative poetry fiction literary magazine. They have published ten issues so far, and a sample of an interview with Julie Dillon, by Rebecca Bennett proved to be very well done!

cutting the bookmarks